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hi! I'm tee. I assist creatives and makers in building a strong brand presence through initial strategy and identity, creating eye-catching product photography and website development, and developing a streamlined back office system of automation and productivity that allows you to worry less about business nuisances and focus more on what you love to do. 

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I work with amazing brands - from start ups to established - all the time! Take a look at some of my most recent project designs. If you're interested in their products or services,  make sure to show them some love, too! #SupportSmallBiz

hi! I'm tee, your designer :)

I am a skilled designer and still life photographer. My creative intuition allows me to focus on the growth and success of service- and product-based businesses. I am deeply passionate about working with minority and women-curated brands to assist them in their professional development while adding value by strategically curating brand development blueprints and strategies, designing a visual presence that effectively communicates and eludes premium quality, and providing a luxurious experience for the consumer, and developing a streamlined and user-friendly back office that allow entrepreneurs to easily manage prosperous brands. 

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you’re ready for guidance and assistance with your brand's direction and strategy

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or you don't have an online home at all.

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