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Your focus is on making the world's best products and enriching people's lives.

My focus is showcasing these products to captivate your audiences.


that showcases & captivates

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? But are your photos actually speaking the right adjectives that captivate your core audience into persuading them to purchase without feeling like you need to be super salesy online? 

Probably not. 

Hi! I'm tee, your brand's photographer.


fun fact:

Your brand's designer (cough cough, me) has this unique gift of stylizing product photography for e-commerce (your website) and lifestyle flay lays (your social media and e-marketing).

A brand is only as good as it looks online... 

so I've heard. 

It's time to take the stress out of figuring out how to use your phone's camera settings, downloading then learning endless photo editing apps, or trying to figure out how to create the perfect scene for your products so that you can post on your socials.

you have a beauty, wellness, or lifestyle product-based business with at least one flagship product 

you've hired a brand strategist or designer to curate your brand's full identity with a clear brand vision with strategic financial goals

We'll work best if...

by the way, my active clients receive discount perks.

need branding or website services first?

you've attempted to be your own photographer, only to find yourself frustrated either technologically or creatively and you're ready to hire an expert that can help your brand develop more professionally

Excited to elevate your products' photography and ready to invest?

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